About 1/3 of women over the age of 30 experience hair loss

Often stress or endocrine disorder are thought to be the cause. Although there have been many studies done over the decades, little media attention is given to female hair loss.

Many women experience some hair loss before menopause. Hair loss in women is more likely to cause psychologically painful effects. This cause distress and is typically more serve for women. Feelings of anxiety, depression and loss of control are common. It can become devastating to confidence and self esteem. Halo Hair replacement can find a solution for you!

We are certified as hair loss specialist and are able to work with dermatologist, oncologist and primary care physicians. We are trained service men and women and children by learning to measure and fit a client for a loss system or unit.

Cranial prosthesis is the medical terminology for hair loss systems. An insurance claim can be flied to cover the cost of the cranial prosthesis service. If it is not covered by your insurance, we also offer payment plans, memberships along with a host of options to ensure fulfillment. Come and be crowned at Halo!

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