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Halo SB Hair

Brazilian curly

$75.00 USD

Go Curly!!!  Get those curls poppin'!  Wear a wet look, get a wild look, do a natural look!! -Do it all with our Brazilian Curly Halo Hair;-)

Our Virgin Brazilian hair is the ultimate texture experience!!  The curl pattern is gorgeous, full of volume (but can be worn less volumized with product), and versatile(wear it bone straight and shampoo it back to its natural curly state. It has just enough coarseness to fulfill the blending needs of Halo's Beauties that have more coarse hair strands.  It is still smooth enough to blend with many other hair types as well.  Proper installation and styling technique will ensure the most natural look and best extension experience.  

Halo Salon Boutique of Charlotte NC specializes in healthy hair and extensions-